CD contenant 100 reproductions de peintures amoureuses (arows arows3)
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100 reproductions de peintures amoureuses, sur CD

01-RICCI.jpg (178373 bytes)  05-DAVID.jpg (195594 bytes)  10-JACQUES LOUIS.jpg (346146 bytes)  15-JOHN MILLAIS.jpg (170505 bytes)  20-SIR JOSEPH NOEL.jpg (1141269 bytes)  25-ANTONIO CANOVA.jpg (84018 bytes)  26-ANTONIO CANOVA.jpg (76681 bytes)  27-RENOIR.jpg (155786 bytes)

Ce CD contient la reproduction de 100 peintures amoureuses.
Il est protégé par Copyrights. Pour plus d'informations, voyez le texte anglais ci-dessous.

    This great Photo CD collection contains 100 reproductions of paintings.

    The CD is self loading and user friendly. Pop it into your Windows based CD drive and it will load automatically. It includes an easy to navigate, elegant image viewing program. The program allows you to scan thumbnail versions of the images that you can click to view larger versions of the images. No need to scan countless folders looking for the perfect image.

    You can print or save any image from within the viewing software or view the images as a self running slide show with dissolve and editing features.

    The images are JPEG files averaging 900 pixels each on the longest size. These are great hard to find images. They are single versions. There is no duplication of images that would pump up the image count.

    This is a beautiful collection of art. It's a great resource for artists, students and collectors. The images are perfect for scrapbooking, ornaments, making tags and labels, gift wrap, decoupage, stickers, and many other uses.